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Aditivos FCC




MagicMax® ZSM-5 is a high Mole Ratio of SiO2/Al2O3 additive. Super XFocus® (a low-rare-earth SOx reduction additive) provide refiners with the most cost-effective solutions to reduce SOx emissions from their FCC units.Our current portfolio of FCC additives allows refiners to reduce SOx, NOx, and CO emissions from their FCC units, as well as lower sulfur content in gasoline.

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- JBLOC® Silicates Product: Low Iran Sodium Silicate

- Magic® family products: ZSM-5 Zeolite Series

Here are some typical ZSM-5 from Antenchem.It is importance to process our high stability zeolites based on Low Iron Sodium JBLOC® Silicates. In additionto the standard materials,Antenchem stands ready to develop customized Y zeolites for your speciafic application.Zeolite particale size,crystal size,crystal morphology,hydrophobic/hydrophilic character,exchange cation,surface/bulk characteristics and porosity may all be adjusted to your unique requirements.