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JBLOC® Synthetic Sodium Silicates

JBLOC® Synthetic Low Iron Sodium Silicates

Low Iron Sodium Silicate solid (Fe <100ppm)
Molecular Formula: Na2O·mSiO2,”m” is modulus(mol ratio between SiO2 and Na2O)
Appearance: super white molded lumps with crystal characteristic or granular solid, Size: 3-15mm

It is only produce high grade sodium silicate Fe<100ppm,supply for high grade zeolite produce. We also use this sodium silicate produce food grade silcates. In 2009,we past HACCP/Kosher Certificate/ISO2200:2005,CNCA/CTS 0020-2008

 Items Standard Parameter
Modules(M) 3.3-3.5
Na2O% 22.50-23.00
SiO2% 75.50-78.00
Soluble silicate ≥
(With Na2O+SiO2 Meter%)
Iron content ppm <100ppm

When AntenChem became the first company to commercially produce sodium silicate gel in 2007, no one could have imagined the powerful role silica would play in many technological advances. Across our continuing history of innovation, AntenChem has led the way in researching and refining silicate's properties and capabilities. Today, AntenChem produces a wide spectrum of sodium silicate products including varitous type synthetic sodium silicate.

With Sodium silicate manufacturing facilities, R&D centers, and sales offices worldwide, we are well equipped to meet the challenges of today's global marketplace while delivering local service and support. Our large scale manufacturing capabilities, strict quality control, and secure supply chain round out a partnership you can trust.

For decades, AntenChem sodium silicates have been used in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications. Our synthetic sodium silicates improve product performance and enhance manufacturing processes within an extensive range of functionalities, product types, and application.