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Vera® Molecular Sieves


AntenChem zeolite molecular sieves are crystalline, highly porous materials, which belong to the class of alumina silicates. They are purely synthetic materials and are characterized by the following properties:

Selective adsorption due to the uniform pore size of the zeolite structure High adsorption capacity for polar substances at low concentrations

These crystals have a three-dimensional structure, with pores of precisely defined diameters. They are designed to allow smaller molecules such as water, CO2, and H2S to be adsorbed while excluding larger molecules, hence the name "molecular sieve". AntenChem offers a wide range of pore sizes to "sieve" molecules of various sizes and shapes including gases and liquids.

Explore the full range of molecular sieve products offered by AntenChem for use in the following areas:

Natural Gas and Cracked Gas |Air and Industrial Gases | Biodiesel and Ethanol
Gas and Liquid Feed stocks | Sweetening of Natural Gas (NGL's and LPG) | Insulating Glass Adsorbents | Refrigeration Adsorbents


AntenChem Basorb® CO2 Absorbents have been a trusted and essential carbon dioxide absorbent for decades. They help safely and efficiently remove CO2 from anesthesia systems, diving chambers, re-breathers, and industrial safety equipment.