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FCC Catalysts


AntenChem is dedicated to helping refiners achieve success with innovative catalytic solutions from our broad catalyst portfolio. We help refineries stay competitive in various ways, such as maximizing the yield of the most valuable products, selecting the optimal catalyst for the refinery crude slate and continually advancing product innovation.

AntenChem offers a broad portfolio of state-of-the-art catalyst solutions to meet refiners' needs. Our experience, backed by manufacturing excellence, has made us the world's leading supplier of FCC catalyst and additives.  We are the only global producer of FCC catalysts and additives with manufacturing locations on three continents and sales in over 60 countries.  We look forward to joining with you to help you optimize your operations.

AntenChem has been providing industry-leading technical service to the refining industry since 1947.  Regular operational reviews with the refiner to assess catalyst performance versus changing unit objectives, constraints, and feedstock are standard practice ensuring the refiner is always using the best catalyst technology available.  AntenChem's highly specialized Technical Service engineers, with experience in both catalyst application and FCCU operations, support refinery engineers with application and operations expertise, start-up and optimization assistance, and industry benchmarking.  With the backing of advanced R&D facilities and high-throughput testing labs, AntenChem's technical service team can help unit engineers assess potential challenges before they occur in the FCCU via feed characterization and pilot plant studies.  Understanding feed impacts earlier allows opportunity to optimize the operating parameters and catalyst management strategies, enabling a more stable and profitable operation.

Magic® Hydrocracking catalysts

adopt new technology with confidence Catalyst selection is key to your overall process performance, but it’s more than just a matter of matching selectivity and activity requirements. Antenchem’s multi-dimensional catalyst portfolio not only considers these aspects of catalyst performance, but also:

Optimized Hydrogenation – The amount and location where hydrogen is added to products, in addition to that required for feed conversion, to maximize value

Molecular Transformation – Moving beyond just cracking to molecular rearrangement

Cracking Symmetry – Adjusting the selectivity within a given product boiling range


Antenchem offers a comprehensive portfolio of hydrocracking catalysts for diesel, jet and naphtha production in the full range of process configurations. We have world-class technical experts and best-of-class Guard Bed and Pretreating catalysts that can help you optimize your reactor loading. We can also help maximize efficiency and profitability at your operation through:

Increased yields of high-value products

Longer operating cycles

Higher quality products

Optimized hydrogen consumption

Increased throughput

Higher conversion levels

Ability to process higher endpoint feedstocks


As a proven catalyst innovator and manufacturer, we partner closely with you to effectively integrate new products and help you deliver value. Since 2007, Antenchem has commercialized nine new hydrocracking catalysts and they’re receiving rapid acceptance.