Advsil® Precipitated Silicas For Toothpaste,Rubber,Feed,Food And Sealant Application

Precipitated Silicas For Rubber,Feed,Food And Toothpaste Application
Antenchem continue to invest new partner's factory of chemical material at the past of 25 years. We set up a supply chain investment and management from sodium silicate to precipitated silicas and synthetic zeolites.

PRECIPITATED SILICAS(Precipitated Silicon Dioxide),A high dispersion, high purity precipitated silica. Can significantly improve the wear resistance of the rubber compound, resistant to flexion performance, heating oxidation, instead of a large number of carbon black for high-performance tires, which can effectively reduce tire rolling resistance and reduce fuel consumption and improve the wet skid resistance and safety performance.

AntenChem™ Silicates and Zeolites For More Industrial Application

synthetic zeolite for more industrialAntenChem Catalysts Technologies is recognized as the global leader in specialty inorganic catalysts. Combining our catalytic science expertise with flexible manufacturing and materials science fundamentals, AntenChem is the leading supplier of petroleum refining and chemical processing catalysts.

With over 25 years of joint development experience, AntenChem's materials science capabilities supported by our catalytic science expertise and flexible manufacturing facilities make us the ideal partner to help you develop and commercialize new zsm-5 catalysts. In addition, the Magic® catalyst family is a world leader in the supply of fcc additives products via processing high quality low iron sodium silicates. AntenChem offers intelligent solutions to address the changing needs in the coatings industry to meet the requirements of our customers through our extensive experience in surface and material science.

Advanced Products Of Zeolites and Silicas Help You Meet Your Business Goals

our products Integral to most refining, petrochemical and natural gas processes are high performing catalysts of high silicate zsm-5,high stability na-y,beta zeolites and adsorbents of molecular sieves from high quality sodium silicate that give you the reaction you need to meet and exceed your production goals and the contaminant removal required to keep those catalysts operating in top form.

Today Antenchem operates six manufacturing facilities of Low Iron Sodium Silicates and high silicate ZSM-5 zeolite additives with our partners in the China,Europe and United States.

  1. Precipitated Silicas:
    Precipitated Silica Rubber Grade | Precipitated Silica Toothpaste Grade | Precipitated Silica Feed Grade | Precipitated Silica Food Grade | Precipitated Silica Sealant Grade
  2. Synthetic Zeolite: Advan® Synthetic Zeolite
  3. Molecular Sieves:Vera® Molecular SieveProducts
  4. Synthetic Sodium Silicates:  JBLOC® Synthetic Low Iron Sodium Silicates
  5. Specialty Materials: Magic ® Catalysts family Products ZLink® Plastic and Rubber Products HCBS® Personal care and Cosmetic family Products |

    Learn more about AntenChem Precipitated Silicas,zeolites and silicates family Products
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AntenChem additives enhance of wide range of coating products and are often an integral part of providing the proper functionalities to a formulation.

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Whether you are looking increase distillate yields, grow petrochemical production to meet industry demand or improve your operating efficiency, AntenChem products can help you achieve your goals. We remain dedicated to continuous innovation and step-change improvements, commercializing more new fcc catalysts and adsorbents additives(high silicate zsm-5,na-y,beta zeolites) by JBLOC® Synthetic low iron Sodium Silicates .